Serendipity Installation

Database Settings
Here you can enter all your database information. Serendipity needs this to be able to function
Database type
Database type
Database host
The hostname for your database server
Database user
The username used to connect to your database
Database password
The password matching the above username
Database name
The name of your database

General Settings
Customize how Serendipity behaves
Admin username
Username for admin login
Admin password
Password for admin login
Real name
The full name of the author. This is the name seen by readers
Admin email
Email for the blog administrator
Blog name
The title of your blog
Blog description
Description of your blog
Select the language for your blog

Appearance and Options
Customize how Serendipity looks and feels
Use WYSIWYG editor
Do you want to use the WYSIWYG editor? (Works on IE5+, partially in Mozilla 1.3+)

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